BAAL, York (UK) 

2018 is slowly coming to an end. It’s been an extremely intensive, at times even overwhelming time, but a fruitful one at that! Apart from the Vienna conference (see below) I was delighted to be invited to the British Association for Applied Linguistics conference under a bold leitmotif: ‘Taking risks in Applied Linguistics’. The choice of leitmotif testifies to the fact that ALs community makes an attempt at being sensitive to the social developments, not only locally, in the UK, bul also globally, something that definitely surfaced in the conference talks, posters, and videos. The programme of the event, apart from a number of exquisite talks, featured a colloquium I was trusted with the organisation of — ‘Befriending the risk(s): exploring sexuality and language in educational sites’.

Colloquium BAAL York

The colloquium was granted the status of the BAAL executive committee-invited event, which emphasised the significance of sexuality-related issues in ALs research. Four renowned scholars kindly accepted my invitation to participate, these were Mark McGlasham, Jane Sunderland, Mike Baynham, and Helen Sauntson.

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