Lavender Linguistics (Gothenburg) and SLE (Leipzig), 

Lavender Languages and Linguistics is a must-go for every language and sexuality scholar. For a variety of reasons, annual conference travels might prove untaneable for everyone. Fortunately, papers can be delivered by one of the authors and this is how I “made it” to this academic gathering. Joanna Chojnicka gave a talk on our joint project we’ve been pursuing for some time now:

Unpacking Polish teachers’ sexuality discourses: Risk and concealment
Chojnicka, Joanna & Pakuła, Łukasz University of Bremen, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Lavender Linguistics (Gothenburg)

Moreover, together with Eva Nossem, I organised a panel on queering dictionaries which turned out to be a massive success. Rest assured, we wiill build on in the coming months/years:

Panel: Queer(ing) Lexicography: Towards truly inclusive dictionary-making?
Organizers: Eva Nossem (Saarland University) and Łukasz Pakuła (Adam Mickiewicz University).

Joanna Chojnicka also delivered the same paper at a different gathering, Societas Linguistica Europaea at the Leipzig University (Germany)as we belive that action research should reach the widest audience possible in order to capture attention and have a real-life impact. Indeed, we were thrilled with the interest our contribution enjoyed and the suggestions for sourcing research parcitipants from different parts of the country. Stay tuned, more amzing research underway!

SLE book of abstracts available here.

Lavender Languages and Linguistics books of abstracts available here.

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