10th BAAL LGaS SIG event: Language, Discrimination and Conflict

Nottingham University stood out on the map of sociolinguistic events in April 2017. Not only did it host the unique confernece on nonheteronormativities and language, but it also was the veue of the 10th British Association of Applied Linguistics Language, Gender and Sexuality Special Interest Group event. This time the the leitmotif was Language, Discrimination and Conflict, a most timely and needed contribution to linguistic debates on inclusion and diversity. Among the incredibly dense and packed talk schedule, I managed to come across Rosamund Moon and have a chat with her. It was an honour and delight as Rosamund is one of the people because of whom I became interested in critical metalexicography research.


Łukasz Pakuła and Rosamund Moon

Below are Rosamund’s two articles which I’ve found particularly useful in my work on gender and sexuality representations and constructions in dictionaires.

Moon, R., 1989. Objective or objectionable? Ideological aspects of dictionaries. English Language Research: Language and Ideology 59–94.

Moon, R., 2014. Meaning, ideologies, and learners’ dictionaries, in: Abel, A., Vettori, C., Ralli, N. (Eds.), Proceedings of the XVI EURALEX International Congress: The User in Focus. 15-19 July 2014. EURAC Research, Bolzano/Bozen, pp. 85–105.


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