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lukasz pakula, Łukasz Pakuła, Łukasz Piotr Pakuła

B.A. in English Linguistics, Faculty of English @ Adam Mickiewicz University (2007)
Thesis title: Lexical stock under scrutiny: exploring the mental representations of morphologically complex structures
Supervisor: Dr Karolina Rataj

M.A. in English Linguistics, Faculty of English @ Adam Mickiewicz University (2009)
Thesis title: Seeing through dictionaries: On defining basic colour terms in English, Japanese and Polish lexicography
Supervisor: Prof. Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak
Reviewer: Prof. Robert Lew

PhD in English Linguistics (in progress), Faculty of English @ Adam Mickiewicz University
Suggested title: Discursive construction of sexual and gender identities and practices in pedagogical and general-use dictionaries of English.
Supervisor: Prof. Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak


Lexicography, Lexicology, Corpus Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Language and sexuality, Language and gender, Critical Discourse Analysis

While I have done some research in the area of psycholinguistics, I am currently interested in the intersections of linguistics and sociology. The shift in my interests is reflected in the PhD research I am conducting at the moment - I am looking at the representations and constructions of gender and (non-)heteronormativity in lexicographic works. 

More recent interests include examining social identities within a broadly conceived educational context (see the bookmark on the British Council-funded project) as well as looking into the construction on nonheteronormative identities in newspapers. 




workshops and related events


  • Workshop in Word Pattern Analysis, convener: Professor Patrick Hanks, Poznań, April 2009
  • Workshop in Descriptive issues of English verb valency, convener: Professor Thomas Herbst, Poznań, April 2010
  • Workshop on indirect sexism, convener: Professor Sara Mills, Lancaster, March 2011
  • Workshop: WordSmith Tools version 6.0, convener: Professor Mike Scott, Valencia, April 2011
  • Manchester Feminist Theory Network Masterclasses “The Case For Feminism”, Manchester, May 2011
  • The 4th Annual Sexuality Summer School, Machester, May 2011
  • Gender, Sexuality and Political Economy Workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, May 2011
  • Articulations of Gender and the Body Workshop, conveners: Dr. Jane Sunderland and Dr. Charlotte Baker, Lancaster, June 2011
  • Summer School of Linguistics, Cognitive English Grammar: Theory, Practice and Beyond, conveners: Professor Günter Radden and Professor Boguslaw Bierwiaczonek, Olsztyn, August 2011
  • 5th BAAL Gender and Language Special Interest Group Event (GaLSig): Gender and Language in the Public Space, Birmingham, September 2011
  • Workshop: Critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics: An exercise in reflexive methodology, convener: Professor Gerlinde Mautner, Poznań, May 2012
  • Queering ESOL Seminar Series, Seminar 1: Institutional and Legal Frameworks (Institute of Education) Institute of Education, University of London, November 2013
  • Queering ESOL Seminar Series - Seminar 3: Voices from the classroom: LGBT learners and teachers, King’s College, London, June 2014
  • Rodziny z wyboru w Polsce. Życie rodzinne osób nieheteroseksualnych [Families of choice in Poland. Family life of non-heterosexual people], Warszawa, Poland, 2014
  • Queering ESOL Seminar Series - Seminar 5: LGBT Representations: media, literature, pedagogic materials (King’s College, London) Saturday 21st March 2015
  • Gender w podręcznikach – diagnoza w kierunku równościowej i antydyskryminacyjnej edukacji szkolnej [Gender in textbooks -- towards equal and antidiscriminatory education], Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów, 9th September 2015, Warsaw, Poland